Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random is easy

So, The MomBabe tagged me and it's a good thing...I guess I needed someone to get me back on track. Thanks, Caroline...I am forever in your debt. (Okay, it's probably not that big a deal, but I am happy to be back). Here they are...the 7 random facts you never knew you wanted to know about me:

Post 7 random facts about yourself. The Rules:

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1. I can grow my own fingernails out...and they look nice when I do ( I was going to attach a picture as they are especially lovely right now, but somehow, my camera kept putting my nails on some chubby hand...weird)

2. I make KILLER sugar cookies. They really are the best sugar cookies you'll ever flop a lip over. And if you stop by my house on Conference weekend with a report of all you heard, I'll give you one. An incentive to get all my little primary lovelies to watch.

3. I have dry eyes. So much so, that I CAN'T wear contacts. This is something I hate and wish I could change about myself. I become a little more outgoing when I'm not hiding behind glasses (hmmm...maybe the glasses are a good thing)

4. I hate mopping floors. I love how it looks when it's done, but that feeling is fleeting, and therefore, I don't do it often. (AZ dust + kids + 1 cleanly mopped wood floor = very frustrated mama. I'm nicer if I just don't do it!)

5. I am highly motivated by guilt. This is genetic. And a trait I feel I was given without prior consent or knowledge, and would like to give back, please.

6. I am a big scaredy cat! and I hate being alone.

7. I am not looking forward to the neighborhood garage sale we're having on Saturday. However, my guilt motivates me to participate in it. I know I'll just end up with dust tracked all over my floor, and I'll more than likely break a nail hauling boxes and crap (I mean valuable 'gently used' items that I cherish but no longer need) outside.

Now I tag (and for some of you this might be the 2nd time, since I really don't know many people and will therefore tag people that MomBabe already tagged):

1. PiP
2. Lindsay
3. Vanessa
4. The Jensens
5. Andee
6. Jenny
7. Micheline


Kristine said...

Glad to see you back! What a great primary idea. I would love to know any more you might have, seeing as we are in the same arena. And I might have to come to your Garage sale... I just love me some gently used merchandise.

andee said...

I have noticed your lovely nails, and Andrew has let it be known that your sugar cookies are better than mine. thanks Karen.

Micheline said...

I can't believe you tagged me. Now I have to actually think about 7 random things about myself - like why am I on the computer at 2:30 in the morning?