Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's been going on.

Wow! Has it really been OVER a month since I last posted? Time flies. I keep thinking I really should post about this or that, but then I feel overwhelmed and don't do it.

So, here's a quick recap of everything that's been going on.

May 20th - a couple days before school got out, I went to an awards assembly for the 6th graders. A few days before, I had gotten a phone call from Rachel's band teacher and a letter from her classroom teacher
(also the Student Council advisor) telling us that she would be getting some awards. One was for being the Student Council Treasurer...
Rachel with the 6th grade team and her award from Student Council.

...the other was the 'Outstanding Band Student' award.

Here she is with her band teacher.
We are really proud of her for these accomplishments!

May 22nd, school got out. Rachel is officially in Jr. High! And Hannah is in the 'older kids building'.
The school had a party for the 6th graders at which they hired a DJ to come and play raunchy music entirely too loudly (it occurs to me that I might be getting old). Luckily, I think she's too naive to understand all the subtext (or overt trashiness). But, yikes! I felt like I needed to wash my ears out with soap after hearing all that. The kids had such a great time and they earned the opportunity to have a fun day.

(this is where I would insert a cute picture of my girl and all her friends...but in an effort to protect the innocent, I didn't and you'll just have to use your imagination)

I came to pick-up the girls from school in the middle of a rain storm. It was beautiful weather, but made it kind-of hard for the kids to mill around and say good-bye to all their friends. I got there a couple minutes after the bell rang, so I didn't get the obligatory picture of each kid with their teacher.

Hannah and I went back to her classroom so I could get the shot, and the door was locked. We knocked, but she didn't answer. So...we moved along to find Rachel's teachers.

About halfway down the walkway, Hannah's teacher came out of her room yelling for us to come back. When we got back to her, she had the BEST surprise for Hannah!

My Hannah, who has been trying her hardest to be the best student she can be, had FINALLY earned the honor of Student of the Month (although it was rather un-cerimoniously awarded her in front of just me and her sister in the pouring rain outside the classroom)! I actually started to cry. It was such a MAJOR accomplishment for her. GO HANNAH!!!

We left the school and headed for McDonald's to get some ice-cream to celebrate the end of school.

I think I'm going to have to catch us up in installments...I'm so slow at this and I have tons to get done today, so I'll be back tomorrow with 'What's been going on. Part deux'.


Nichole said...

OK, first want to give a hearty "way to go" to your girls.

Second, it's always a little shocking to be scrolling down, reading and looking at pictures and find someone you don't expect in one of them.

Rachel's (former) music teacher is in our ward and I VT her. We love her!

Anyway. Weird.

Have a good day!

Cookie Mama said...

Cute post! Your girls are growing up so fast. Love the glasses, love the hard earned awards. Your kids are amazing! Looks like they had a great school year.

Jen said...

your girls are so cute! hannah looks truly happy to get that award! Way to go! and that letter for you about rachel was awesome! Someday I hope to get a letter like that about my kid. you must be doing something right!!

the MomBabe said...

Woot-Woot! Way to go Hannah!

and of course, congrats to Ms. Rachel.