Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Someone's turning 40!

(This post would be so much more interesting if my real computer hadn't died with all my pictures on it...you'll just have to use your imagination, and if it ever gets fixed, I'll add the pics)

16 years ago this summer, I had an experience that changed my life. I went to Hawaii with about 30 other college students (and RM's from Japan) to work at the PCC as a guide for their Japanese tourists. The 1st day of work, we all assembled together to get a tour ourselves. I vividly remember the moment I met the girl who would become my very best friend. She was kind and outgoing and open for any and every new experience.

We spent the summer getting to know one another better...that is, when we could pull ourselves away from our future husbands long enough to realize that there were - in-fact - other people on the face of the planet. She was always kind and lots of fun to be around.

I came home from Hawaii at the end of the summer, and she stayed to 'go to school' (aka: date and marry her husband - although she did graduate as well). We stayed in touch a little here and there...mainly sending our wedding invitations, and things like that.

A few years later, I got a phone call. It was her. She and her husband and their 2 little girls had just moved to AZ and lived right down the street! That day was the day it all started. We have talked to each other just about every day since.

She has been such a wonderful friend to me. She shows me unconditional love. She listens when I need to vent (my husband owes her thousands for the money she's saved him in paying for therapy for me). She loves my kids as much as she does her own. She laughs with me when I'm happy and cries with me when I'm sad. She has helped me through some really trying times, and she has forgiven me when I've done stupid things. And she is the Lucy to my Ethel.

I love her like she was my own sister. In-fact, I hope Shelly doesn't mind that I consider myself the triplet separated at birth.

I hope you have a Happy Birthday, PiP. I love you!


Pineapple Princess said...

Can I be glad that you didn't post 16 year old pics?!

Wow, Karen, that was the sweetest! It was the cherry on top of a very amazing day and makes my day feel complete.

You are a true blessing in my life and I couldn't ask for a better friend/triplet.

Plus, you laugh with me at appropriate times. I know this girl named Becky. . .

love you toooooooooo!

Tamster said...

That was a nice post, Karen! Thanks for taking such good care of our PiP! :-) Tell your hubby he ought to start paying up! Just think what trouble Lucy and Ethel could get into with the extra thousands! ;-)

Cookie Mama said...

You two make a great Lucy and Ethel. Cute post, Happy b-day PiP.