Monday, October 15, 2007

Off to the Races!

A few weeks ago, Chris was in charge of an Elder's Quorum activity. I was proud, too...he didn't even make it my responsibility by extension. Thanks, hon. So, the activity was 'Goldfish Races'. I had done this several years ago at an activity when I was in YW in another ward and I told him all about it. It was really fun. He bought 2 rain gutters and the end caps for them, and a bunch of the cheap-o goldfish (btw - you're not allowed to hate me if you're an animal rights activist...lots of them were dead before we ever started). For refreshments, they served goldfish crackers, of-course, and gummy worms and fish. The kids had a great time...too bad more people didn't come.

Rachel and Chris' fish race each other. I think Rachel won most of the time.

Hannah's fish races Elianna's. I think Hannah won (she won a lot).

Rachel races the Knopp boys.

All in all, it was a pretty fun evening. I was there...but any photographic evidence has been destroyed! (I was going to help Becky paint later, so I didn't look too cute).


shauna said...

once I raced a fish alive
then I raced it once again

Why didn't you let it go?
Because it liked to race you know!

Where is the fish today?
Um it's gone-I think it must have run away!

CaROlInE said...

That's so funny! And what an awesome idea. . . And don't feel bad about racing dead goldfish. ;) Once when I was housesitting, I inadvertently killed all their fish. (For goodness sake people! It was the hottest day of summer and they boiled to death! I didn't really kill them.)

The Scotts said...

How fun and even funner that you didn't have to plan it!! Go Chris! Your girls are so old and beautiful!! I totally forgot that you had a blog and then Jared told me that I kicked you off ours. Then I remembered, but I can't find your email address to add you. So email it to me and I'll add you. I love your family and we can't believe that Hannah was a baby and Rachel was a sunbeam when we met you! Crazy! Blog with you soon.

lackrik said...

WOW! I'm very impressed that you didn't get put in charge of the activity! Or have your husband volunteer to have it at your house. lol

And ROTFL at the real/dead/will be dead by the end of the night fish! Great activity idea.