Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pretty Little Things

My girls got their school pictures back last week. I realize I am completely biased, but I think they're so cute. I had to share...

Rachel looks so grown up here. She's changed a lot over the past year. She's even getting taller! Something she thought would never happen! Hooray!

Here's my little Hannah. This picture makes me snicker...I just wonder what those wheels in her head are working on. This one never stops thinking. You can see it in her eyes.

*Side note...wouldn't it be nice if the school told you..."Your child won't be getting their picture taken until after lunch recess". If they were so kind...we could have planned a little differently for hair styles. Hannah's hair was so curly in the morning when she left...but I'm guessing playing outside in 100 degree+ weather made it go a little flat! Bummer. Good thing she's so cute.


CaROlInE said...

Well, as an unbiased observer, I gotta say, they ARE so cute. Plus I made a tribute to you. . . Have fun in Vegas, Baby!!!

Nichole said...

Looky who found you (through Jen's blog)! I cannot believe how big your girls have gotten! It's just crazy how fast time flies. It's already been 2.5 years since we moved away from Fairfield ward. Your blog cracks me up! I love the story about the baby. Have a good day!

Jen said...

I have to say your girls are so cute! and that whoever did photoshop on them to make them look so big, did a fantastic job! I can't believe they are that old, no way!
I just have to say I have so missed you, you crack me up! I am so glad you found me in the blogging world so I can have a touch of "karen" in my life!!

lindser-lou said...

oh how i miss those girls!....

but Karen, watch out...Rachel's going to be DATING before you know it!
She is turning into such a lady!
And hannah is just a little cutie pie!
i love them!

lackrik said...

Oh my gosh! When did they get so big???

They are darling! And totally agree about waiting until after recess to take their pictures.