Saturday, November 10, 2007

Welcome to the 60's

Yesterday at the kids' school it was 60's day so we got to dress the kids up (um...hi...wasn't Halloween just a week ago? Why are we dressing up kids again?!?) We were kind of debating about how the would dress up. We thought maybe some tie-dye and a fringed vest, or some sweet bell bottoms (none of which I had at 5pm the night before when I was reminded of this festivity), then Rachel's friend said her mom was going to do her hair in a bouffant and I immediately thought "Hairspray"! So, we figured out an outfit that would kind of pass, and got out the Aqua Net (not Rachel's friend from school - yes she does too have a friend named Aquanette) and the teasing comb and went to town. The end result was this:

We still needed something to do for Hannah, and she didn't want her hair teased at all, so we just left it straight, and put a headband in. As for her clothes, we were trying to go for the 'beatnik' look. Notice the straight leg capris? Of course the tennies aren't really our first choice of footwear, but it was PE that day after all, so there was only so much I could do. She looked cute (but I'm not too sure how 60's she looked):

I'm wondering why they didn't do 80's day. I like totally for sure could have 'fashioned' (to quote Michael Scott) something cute by pinning the legs of their jeans over then rolling them up, and of course giving them the 'bangs'. Oh well, maybe next time.


lindser-lou said...

Soooo cute!
and i pretty much aim for the 60's look every day, but it doesnt last long in this heat - my hair will go flat in 10 minutes.

Nichole said...

I agree that 80's would have been so much more fun than 60's. Maybe the school admin are a-scared of having the 80's generation recycle itself too soon???

Karen said...'s all in the 'hairspray'...seriously...Aqua Net. $2 at Walgreens!

Caroline said...

cute cute cute.

the end.

Jen said...

Your girls are so cute!! 80's would have been more fun and way easier too! But you did great, especially for 5 the night before. Rachel's hair looks awesome!