Saturday, November 10, 2007

What a difference a day (or a couple of decades) makes

It all started a few weeks ago...

I'm my husbands favorite barber. Why? I don't know. I have never been to 'beauty school' or anything resembling it. I was, however, willing to help the elders in my mission save a few yen by giving them a trim every once in a wh
ile. That's where my hubby and I met...I've been cutting his hair ever since.

For the last several weeks he has needed a haircut pretty badly but I've been really busy on Saturdays and in the evenings I'm just too tired. So, he's gone without for far too long. He has great hair...super thick and dark...but when it gets too long, he starts looking a little reminiscent of his former '80's' self.

(my priesthood worthy, BYU student husband in 1989)

The other night as we were getting ready for bed, he leaned over to kiss me and I said, "I don't think I can kiss '80's Chris'." He didn't think that was all that funny, but it was. Finally he got a laugh out of it, and went to sleep.

Then yesterday, I was talking to my sister and telling her about my exciting plans for the day which included giving Chris his long overdue haircut. I related the st
ory of calling him '80's Chris' and she about bust a gut laughing about it (she's seen the pictures so the visual was all too real). I told her she'd better not tell the other sibs because he'd get mad at me. At this point she brought up 2 very relevant points: 1 - at least he can still BE 80's Chris (unlike her hubby who doesn't have as much to work with), and 2 - her 2nd grade picture that we plastered anywhere we could when we found it.

You should also know (and this is relevant to the story), people have sometimes told Chris that he looks like Donny Osmond. I don't really see it, but some people seem to. It bugs him. A lot. Ann knows this.

Back to yesterday. Ann (the sis) and I were talking a little later in the day while she was watching Oprah. It was the one that had the Osmonds reunion and
she was just kinda telling me about it as she watched. At one point I guess they were showing some old clips of the family and she said, "Oh, there's 80's Donny...or is it 80's Chris?"

As I was looking for an image to insert of Donny, I scrolled past this one and both kids started shouting, "that one, that totally looks like dad".

(can you tell the difference?)

All in all, he was a pretty good sport about all the teasing we gave him. And today he got his haircut. Now, I am happy to say, he looks like the Chris I know and love.

Editor's note: Chris was a little anti-me doing this. I promised I'd post an 80's Karen picture, too...don't laugh too hard (you know you have plenty of your own!).


Anonymous said...

Karen, Karen, are you alive? I am praying that if your husband didn't get you, that your sister won't either. Respond ASAP!

Me no likey 80's, me likey now karen and donny.


Caroline said...

umm, so if I print this picture, and mail it to Chris, will he be mad at me? or you? Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha

Maybe I'll just plaster the walls at his work...

and you're so cute! LOVE the bang. and the perm.

Karen said...

I'm here, and alive...Chris is okay with it...yet to hear from Ann.

Karen said...

ooh, Shauna, no you didn't call Chris Donny...I think he might be in a fight with you now.

Jen said...

the 80's rock!! Or Chris rocks, one or the other! That is an awesome picture I must say. And I love you put one of you up too! Thanks for the laughs!!

Kristine said...

So Funny! and he DOES look like 80's Donny. But I think I'm with him in the fact that I would not want to be conected with that resemblance.

andee said...

Chris totally looks like a "Soldier of Love". For some reason after reading your blog Steve and I kept singing "Everybody was kung fu fighting".

lindser-lou said...


yeah, i was 4.

Karen said...

Um...Lindsay...shut up!

Karen said...

Lindsay, we can still be friends if you promise to never mention again how OLD I am.