Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Any Bright Ideas?

I have the best 2nd calling a girl could ask for...I get to go to girls' camp and do the craft. It is by far the best job up there. All the work is done before I ever get there, and it's the favorite 'class' of 95% of the girls. There's just one problem...I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas for this year.

So, I'm searching for a good idea.
The theme for this year is "Solid as a Rock. Steadfast and Immovable"(which can be worked into the craft, but it's not necessary).

If this inspires any sort of creativity in you and you can think of a brilliant craft...let me know. Last year we did some decoupage mirrors, and the year before that we did painted magnetic bulletin boards. Both cute...both raved I'm feeling the need to really deliver.


Pineapple Princess said...

Paint a prayer rock? You knew that was coming right?!

There has gotta be a "camp craft idea" website somewhere, 'cause you know my crafting abilites are useless!

Do you have a good budget?

And where is your post about your new third calling. . .wife of a . . .?

Pineapple Princess said...

Ps I love your new template. Who've you been hanging out with?!

Karen said...

Ha! I did know prayer rock was!

I've looked at some camp craft websites, and sadly, the ideas are mostly lame...mainly because I have excellent and expensive taste.

I don't have a clue what my budget is (another stumbling block).

About the 3rd calling...what's there to say?! I'm still in shock.

And lastly...I've been hanging out with Caroline. You could've come, too, but every time I invite you to scrapbooking, you don't come. Plus, you had your long run in the morning on Sat,so I don't think you could've been enticed...even by Caroline

The Gardner Gang said...

I think it is in my nature to WANT to go along with the theme. So I'll start with these ideas:

Silly one: Make your family out of rocks (small ones) because families are steadfast. ------Okay,now that I actually write it out

Jewelry box. You can buy them at craft stores, have the girls sand them, paint or stain them, and then have polished 'rocks' in various colors for decor on top of box OR larger polished rocks for one each as a handle to open box. Make sense?

Okay last one, for now. Jeff has made these mirrors before that have Christ visible through it. You take a metal scouring pad to the back of the mirror, removing the reflective paint/substance and then tape a picture of Christ into the lighter area. (It's best if you don't scratch all the way clean.) This idea would be best for "His Image In Your Countenance", but us it if you want. Hope might have one of those mirrors if you'd like to see one. Carolyn

Jessica said...

The hit at our girls' camp last year were rock bracelets and necklaces. Pre-drilled rocks and strechy thread for the bracelets and hemp wrapped pendant rocks for the necklaces. Look into it.

andee said...

girls camp already? can I go with you :) I like the box idea. You could make it a gratitude box, have the girls fill it with things or notes, stuff they are thankful for.
I miss you Karen!

Caroline said...

Did you figure anything out yet? I'm still not thinking of anything cute enough.

Karen said...

Thanks for the fun ideas everyone...I'm running them past a few of the girls I know that are going to camp...I'll let you know what we choose.