Friday, January 25, 2008

Tagged - I'm it!

I was tagged by Wendy, so for those inquiring minds who want to know:

Where I was 10 years ago.
We were living in a little apartment about 100 yards away from where we live now in AZ. Dh had just finished school (the 1st time), and worked at The Hartford (insurance - blech). I was prego with #2 and enjoying my funny little 2 year old girl. I was driving the saddest Plymouth Sundance you've ever seen. It was electric blue and primer...lovely. In-fact, I let my YW learn to drive in it...and some of them were too embarrassed to drive it. I was still adjusting to being a stay-at-home-mom.

5 Things on my to do list today:
(I really shouldn't respond until I have a more productive day)
1. Wake up
2. Make kids lunches to take to school.
3. Get kids ready for school
4. Take kids to school.
5. Wallow on the couch all day feeling sorry for myself because I feel awful.

5 Snacks I enjoy: (in no particular order)
1. caramel corn (mostly if I made it...YUM!)
2. bread - especially crusty European style with butter
3. celery and ranch dip (this one is newly-found since my new year's resolution to eat better - necessitated by all the other favorite snacks)
4. cheese and crackers
5. pretty much anything baked and sweet:

5 Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
1. pay off debt. mine, my family's, our loved ones'.
2. landscape my front and back yards
3. travel all over the world
4. pay for my kids' educations (and maybe help out other kids with theirs)
5. have a 2nd home somewhere cooler than AZ

3 of my bad habits
1. eating when I'm bored (I'm sure this doesn't come as much of a surprise)
2. negative self-talk - I'm SERIOUSLY working on this one.
3. losing my temper too quickly

5 Places I've lived
1. Henderson, NV (and I don't even have a pick-up with a gun rack)
2. Tempe, AZ
3. Santiago del Estero, Argentina
4. Laie, HI (just for 2 months, but that's way more interesting than Mesa, AZ)
5. Tokyo, Japan (while on my mission)

5 Jobs I've had
1. I cleaned house for a family when I was 14 (and had to pick up their sons' dirty underwear from off the floor so I could vacuum...then saw the kid at a stake dance...ewwwww)
2. Fabric measurer/cutter extraordinaire at Hancock Fabrics
3. Retail at Broadway Southwest (now Macy's - enjoyed a KILLER employee discount and had fantastic wardrobe)
4. Received '1st claims' for Prudential Insurance - was working at the time of the San Francisco Earthquake in 1989 - the same earthquake that my dh escaped having just crossed the bay bridge before it collapsed.
5. Customer Service at Chase Bankcard services - or as I liked to call it...getting yelled at for 8 hours straight - no wonder I had pregnancy induced hypertension - it wasn't the pregnancy, it was the job!

5 Things people don't know about me (are there any? I'm kind of an open book)
1. Your opinion really does matter to me...a lot...more than I wish it did.
2. I love beets.
3. And artichokes.
4. Some friends in college called me 'Maria Andretti' because I like to drive really fast. I've kind of grown out of this one since having kids.
5. I won $1000 from a slot machine in Las Vegas.

I tag PiP, Heather, and Lindsay


Celia Fae said...

How was the day of couch wallowing? I'm a little jealous.

I love your new background. It is gorgeous. And you are right, craft shack is the best assignment at girls camp. Except if you can't do crafts....

The MomBabe said...

Ugh. I just sent you an idea because I remembered the prayer rock idea. And I was thinking PRAYer , not ROCK. anyways. Ignore my email. I'll keep my eyeballs open.

Oh yeah, and beets?ewwwww.

Pineapple Princess said...

Can this be freeze tag until catch my breath?

Ya, and whazup with the beets vegetable hater?!