Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

We had a fun, relatively low-key spring break.

PiP mentioned our trip to the Easter Pageant held at the Mesa AZ temple. She even posted a few pics here. (Some of us are better bloggers than others and remember our cameras...I am not one of those) It was a BEAUTIFUL spring evening and we thoroughly enjoyed the weather, the company and the message of Easter.

We took a quick trip up to Las Vegas to see all my family there. We got to see most everyone...even our niece Vanessa who lives in Washington was visiting for a wedding. We did miss Andie, who had a prior engagement and couldn't be with us.

On Saturday, My sister and her husband and my family went to see Horton Hears a Who! We loved it. It was so funny and had lots of quotable lines, as well as a good moral, "a person's a matter how small." And you've gotta love a good moral.

Sunday, we drove up to St. George to see this cute gal:my 98 - almost 99 yr. old Grandma. We had so much fun visiting with her. She was in a funny mood, and even treated us to an organ recital (her vision isn't great, so she can't really see music, so it was an improvisational selection...just her toodling around and bopping along). It was fun to see her love for music. She's amazing and I feel lucky to have a piece of that gene pool.

We also saw this cute boy:
our sweet little Logan. He belongs to our good friends Kevin and Sheri (do you think we got a picture of them? Not with this little attention stealer around.), who had the gall to move up to Utah when he was just tiny. They were down in St. George for a conference, and we met up with them there.

It's too bad the girls didn't enjoy spending time with him.
Rachel and Logan were like peas and carrots (I never really understood that saying...peas are just nasty!). We're trying to prove to Kevin and Sheri that AZ is far superior to Utah and they should move back for the babysitting. I guess a good babysitter isn't as big a priority as a good job, so they'll be staying put. Although it looks like we spent our time together in a parking lot, we didn't really...just some of it.

Monday was family day at the dentist. My oldest brother is a dentist, and is kind enough to take on all of our problems. As luck would have it, my sister is his hygienist, so she cleaned Chris' teeth and put some sealants on Rachel's. Hannah completely lucked out and just watched the whole thing. I got to get a crown and a filling...good times. More importantly, thanks, Doug!

On Tuesday we drove home. The rest of the week was filled with chores, and spring cleaning. I LOVE going through the kids' closets and getting rid of all the clothes that don't fit. There was an obscene amount of clothes. If you come to my yard sale on Saturday, you can buy them. They're cute, and clean, and I will sell them to you.

Friday, it was over to the BFF's for some fun. The kids disappeared the second we walked through the door, which made it possible for PiP and I to visit and blog. I just love it when our school vacations coincide and we can hang out together. Did we take pictures? Of course not!

Monday was back to school. I can't believe it, but I was actually really sad. One week just didn't feel long enough. I'm not usually that person...usually, I'm as excited for them to go back as they were to get out, but not this time. We had a great week.


lindser-lou said...


The MomBabe said...

Oh my gosh! Logan is so cute!

well, so are your girls, of course...

Nichole said...

Phew! You're alive! Oh, and I agree with Lindsay!

I'm glad you had such a good time! "Yea" to anyone who gets to go anywhere!

Micheline said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your time with your family. Me - I was SO GLAD to get them all back in school. What a nice mom I am!

andee said...

as i scanned your pictures before reading your entry I knew that was little logan and I almost had a freakout thinking you visited them and not us just 25 minutes away. now that I am calm I am happy for your fun spring break you had.

Pineapple Princess said...

Wow, you guys really did a LOT. Thanks for including us. We need to do it much more often.

Pineapple Princess said...

Wow, you guys really did a LOT!

Thanks for including us. We need to do it more often.