Tuesday, April 1, 2008


BLOGFEST AT MY HOUSE!*pant*pant*pant*BE BACK SOON*pant*
DIRTY WINDOWS PULLING ME AWAAAYYY (this was supposed to look cool, with the letters getting smaller, but the formatting is dumb and won't work, and now I may as well have done an actual post because I spent so much time trying to figure out the dumb code...stupid HTML)


lindser-lou said...

seriously?! It's at your house!!! yippee!!! You lucky duck! see you friday then! :)

lackrik said...

WAIT! Did I not get the memo that the place changed? :P

I won't be able to go anyways.....we're doing dinner for our anniversary ( which is today ) that night. I'm actually kinda bummed I can't make it. I'd love to see/meet you guys! ;)


andee said...

hello, where is my invite? give me one more week and I could have been there. have a fabulous time

Lorena said...

DON'T CLEAN! I won't be looking at your house, anyway! I'll be having too much fun meeting my BFFs!

I saw Lisa today and am still trying to talk her into it. Anniversaries happen every year...how often to do Blogfest?