Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day. There have been so many people in my life that have helped me be the mom I am. I'm grateful to each of them.

To my own mom, who I'm so proud of for serving a mission for our church. She is a courageous, strong and faithful woman. I am who I am because of her (and I'm mostly referring to the good stuff). We miss you today, Mom, but we're happy you're where you are, and doing what you're doing.

Sister Robinson in front of her house in Gettysburg
Here's my cute mom in front of her 'civil war era' house.

To my sister and sisters-in-law who all had their kids while I was still a kid. I watched you and learned from you. You are all wonderful moms...each in your own way.

My Sister, Ann. She's not just a good mom to her own daughter, but she is loving and generous and kind to all of her nieces and nephews, and her friends' kids, too.

My Sis-in -Law, Suzanne. She and my brother got married when I was only 9. I have literally grown-up watching her be a mom. She and her kids are the best of friends. She's that mom that stays up late with her kids to laugh and be silly with them.

My Sis-in-Law, Peggy. She has got the 'be your own person' thing mastered. Her kids are confident and have a strong sense of who they are. Probably because their mom is the same way.

My Sis-in-Law, Amy. She's still working on getting her kids here, but in the meantime she is honing her mothering skills on her very appreciative nieces. She is my kids' 2nd mom when we are near her. She has more love in her heart than I think most people would know what to do with...she, however, is never at a loss.

To my grandmas (and Chris') for teaching me what it means to cherish family and put them first. Each of them has instilled a strong sense of family in me and my husband.

My Grandma Lunt. She taught me about hard work and being thrifty (a lesson I wish I had learned a little better). She loved getting together with her kids and grandkids. We all still get together for a family reunion on her birthday.

My Grandma Ashman (with her 2 favorite great-granddaughters), who I have been spoiled by my whole life. She has the ability to make everyone in our family feel like they are the most loved, important people on the planet. Plus she's 98 years old and has just recently stopped living at home. Now THAT'S amazing!
Chris' Grandpa and Grandma Habelt. From the moment I met Grandma Habelt, I felt like part of her family. I never felt like an outsider. She raised 2 fabulous children...Chris' mom and his uncle. When Chris' mom passed away, she mothered he and Amy as best she could and they are kind and caring people because of her example.

There are so many the good friends I call on a regular basis to help me through a parenting crisis, or the women who babysat and helped raise me, or my friends' moms, I could go on and on. I feel blessed to have so many wonderful examples of motherhood in my life. I can only hope to be able to be half the mother they are.

I told my kids this morning that I love them and I thanked them for making me their mom. They have been helping their dad make nice things for me all day

and they even sang me this song they all wrote for me.
Ode to Mommy
(to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy)

We are lucky little duckies
We have a mommy that loves us.
She cooks and cleans and does our laundry,
All just for us

She is a sweetheart and we love her,
We love to read and play with her.

Mommy you're the best of all and we all love you dearly
we wish you the best Mother's day signed all of us sincerely.

Mommy dearest, you're the best
Mother we love you
You're the best we've ever met
We're thankful that we have you!

Thanks guys! I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day!


Jen said...

that was a sweet post! and what a fun thing that they made you a song! you have a cute family!!

Pineapple Princess said...

That was a great tribute the many mothers in your life.
Now I know how you became such a great Mom!

lindser-lou said...

this makes me want to make some babies...just so that they can be super cute like rachel and hannah!

happy mothers day karen! love ya!!!

Amy B said...

Thanks Karen. I am touched by your comments. :)