Monday, June 23, 2008

What's been going on...Part Deux or VALLEY of FIRE or Weekend in Las Vegas

(that movie voice-over guy says:)
*Previously, on...'What's been going on'...the Jensens were enjoying a beautiful, rainy, well-deserved, last day of school...*

May 22, the last day of school, also just happened to be our 15th wedding anniversary (love you, hon). I had had a little stomach ache and money was a little tight so we just went to Golden Canyon and grabbed a bite to eat. On the way home, we stopped by the happiest place on earth (aka: Target) to grab a few things for our trip to Las Vegas the next day.

I needed to go to Las Vegas so that my brother could deliver my newest bling (or crown for my crazy toof). He is very, very good to me. Turns out, I needed a filling, my sister (who is a hygienist, but not a dental assistant - and did a great job anyway) came to help. Have I mentioned how awesome my family is? Anyway, that wasn't really the fun part.

On Saturday, we went to Valley of Fire...just north of Las Vegas. I hadn't ever been there before, and quite honestly, the thought of going to someplace with Fire in the name in the middle of the desert in the end of May was less than tempting. But in the interest of good will and trust in my brother (who really can pick some amazing places), we went. Chris and Mike rode together allowing Ann and I to crank some George Michael in our car (we did skip a couple songs due to the minors in the back seat). It was still stormy, so the weather was cool, and the sky was overcast. We actually wondered if we'd get rained out, but it turned out so great! I'm usually not a big fan of the desert, but this is what it looked like:H & R up by some real, live petroglyphs.

In true, Ashman style we celebrated this momentous occasion with a full cookout breakfast. My brother, Doug, loves to go camping and was, until recently, the scout master in his ward. He has everything you could possibly ever need to make some serious grub.
Chris and Uncle Doug come I didn't end up with the 'kiss the cook' picture of Doug and Mike?

Front: Joan (dad's sis-in-law) and Zorayda (dad's wife) making sausage. Back: Aunt Ann and Uncle Mike making hashbrowns and eggs (I think).

Vince and Megan and Uncle Pete.

Aunt Peggy and Aunt Suzanne

We had quite a spread. It was scrumptious. When everyone had had their fill, we explored around a little bit. The kids had a great time playing all over the red rocks.
My family, Dad, Sara and Scott, and Zorayda

After breakfast was all cleaned up, Doug took a few of us on a little hike to mouse tank. I made Ann take a picture of me so I had photographic documentation of me on said's still on her camera. But I went.
Oh, I forgot Rachel took this pic of Chris and I on the hike (no comments on how bad we look...we were HIKING!)
We saw more petroglyphs:
the kids and Doug climbed up a rock to see the 'mouse tank'...a stinky pool of foamy water (not pictured):

we had a really fun time together, and while we were hiking, the skies parted and the sun came out...and we got hot.

On the way home, we stopped at the 'illegal fireworks store' on the indian reservation to grab some ice cream bars and admire the HUGE packages of fireworks.

Sunday, Pete and Peggy invited us over to their house for a bbq (and so I could meet their new table and covet's SO cool!). It was so yummy! My favorite was the flat iron steak. Well, actually, my favorite was spending time with everyone. Sara and Scott and gang (my niece who was home visiting from Provo with her boyfriend and his sister and her fiance) took the kids to the 'lake' nearby to feed the ducks. We missed you, Katie...but dates are important, too.

Thanks to everyone! We had a great time with family. We just needed Mom there, and the weekend would've been complete. It makes me wish we lived a little closer so we could be there for more of these kinds of events. We love you all!


the MomBabe said...

Looks like you had fun. Well, except for the sweltering heat bit...

Vanessa said...

I'm so jealous of all y'all getting together so much these days. It seems like every time I turn around there is something we're missing out on. Guess that's what we get for living so far away too:( Glad you posted so many great pics. Looks like funa dn we wish we could have been there!

Lindsey said...

Believe me, if you had lived in Spokane for the last 8 years, you would like Arizona too.

Jolene said...

I was blog hopping and found you and I had to comment because we have the same anniversary! May 22 was our 15th anniversary as well!

Cookie Mama said...

Bummer about the dental work but looks like you made a fun trip out of it anyway!

Love the pics and Happy Anniversary!

hawley crew said...

love your blog. This looks like it was a fun trip. I got your blog from andrea warners blog incase you were wondering.