Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

It was a busy summer. One that generally left me feeling like a chauffer. It started the day after school got out when we left for Las Vegas. I actually posted about that trip, you can read about it here if you like.

We got home and the fun really started.

Some of us did swim team:

Some of us did Summer Band:
Some of us had slumber parties with our best friends:

Some of us got together with some friends from High School (these are the miniature versions):

Some of us got these:
and these:
(Before - and it needs to be said that I'm the best mom ever because this was at 8:30 in the morning on my birthday - which was also the last day of summer break - which was the last day for me to sleep in - but she wanted them on before school started...I'm nice)
(During - and this is called payback for making me get up so early on my birthday)
(After - congratulations! Glasses and Braces in one summer - nerds rule!)

Some of us played in the rain on a Sunday afternoon:

All of us went to Utah to visit some friends (and there were some we weren't able to visit...we're sorry, and we promise to visit you next time...don't hate us):

This is us at their was gorgeous! We could have stayed forever!

We all rode the quads: (and we were all grateful to Sheri's parents for letting us use them)

(my favorite Hannah quote ever...said right here as we stopped to admire the view. She scooted up to give me a hug and said: "Mom, these are the moments that will last a lifetime".)
And some of us learned to drive them ourselves:

Some of us teetered:
And some of us tottered:
Some of us went crawdad fishing (Eew. Not me!):

One of us tried this fun bike...she was queen of the hill by the time we left.
None of us could get enough of this little guy:
All of us visited a good friend from the mission:(It was great to see you need to come visit us next!)

Some of us tried shooting fireworks out of a homemade rocket launcher (and the little boy in him will never die):(I know it's dark, but if you biggen, maybe you can see the sparks from the fireworks that are about to be launched.)

All of us had a great time on the 4th of July in Provo watching the tail-end of the parade , and braving the crowded masses and miserable heat at the craft fair:
All of us enjoyed the 4th of July festivities...complete with our own fireworks:
(ugh, my hair was tragic. It was hot and muggy, then cool and windy...never a good combo. for good hair)

Well, most of us...(her facial expression is priceless)
ALL of us were so sad when it was time to leave:
(Thanks, Kevin and Sheri. We had such a blast. We love you and miss you tons!)

Some of us were in a fun play where we got to be friends with one of Mom's best friend's kids:
(Our pick for best supporting actress in "She Came with the Couch")
(These girls had such a fun summer together. Almost as much fun as their moms used to have. They didn't have to run to the pool barefoot or anything, but they had fun learning about all the 'Lucy and Ethel' moments of their mom's childhoods. Most importantly, they developed a love for 'The Music Man' like their mothers and even got to go see the play.)

Some of us went to Girl's Camp:(It was so fun to be there with you this year!)

And then went 'Snipe Hunting' (make sure you have enough toothpaste, so the snipes don't get you!):
One of us had a birthday and got tickets to see her favorite musical, "The Music Man":

And finally, Some of us went back to school:
And now, ONE of us needs a nap!


Nichole said...

What a fun and excitingly full summer you had!

Pineapple Princess said...

Whew, did it go that fast for you too?

It feels like summer only lasted 2 fun, crazy filled minutes.

My favorite picture was the one of them holding hands asleep. That is priceless.

The Scotts said...

Love the summer recap!!! Way to pick Dr Garn & Mason! They are seriously the BEST!! That is who I worked for and love them and for sure will take my kiddos there. You guys had way too much fun!

andee said...

man, you guys are awesome, looked like a fun summer. I will try to get over the fact that we didn't get to see you, boo hoo. your girls are so cute, I miss you guys! I was telling steve as soon as the snow comes we have to go to arizona.

lackrik said...

WOW! That was a busy summer! Now I feel like a big slacker. lol

Very cute pictures!

Kristine said...

HOLY COW! I need a nap after all that. The pics are all cute and lots of "moments to last forever" How sweet is she?!