Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Camp and Wacky Hair

In October, we had our ward campout. This is where the families that belong to our church get together at a camp owned by the church up near Payson, AZ. It's beautiful there, and very comfortable (as far as camping goes), with beds, roofs over our heads, and even pottys and showers. We went kind of late this year and it got COLD! Which was a nice change for us.

Here's the Bishopric doing their skit for the talent show. Skits might not be their talent...I'm just saying:

I almost forgot to mention playing Quelf...this very wacky game. We played late into the night, and the later it got, the more hilarious the game became. It should have come with a pair of depends. Hear me, for I have spoken! Thanks, Thomas' for introducing it to us.

I took lots of pictures of other people's kids...and only got this one choice one of H.This is her VERY nutritious lunch of graham crackers and marshmallows. She doesn't do lunch meat...or really sandwiches of any kind. I was lucky to get her to stop 'exploring' long enough to eat anything. I was happy with this choice.

Later in Oct., R's school had wacky hair day. I forgot to take a picture of the 'before' (the actual 'do'), but this is the aftermath...she had had these little twisty knot things all over the top of her head...they kinda looked like a crown. When we took them down, her hair looked like this:

I just sent H off to school for her wacky hair day...her hair looks a lot like R's did before she took it out. Maybe I'll remember to take a picture when she gets home...but it's probably not likely.

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Nick and Sheri said...

Looks like lots of fun camping and halloween activities. Is Chris in the Bishopric? Did I miss hearing that one?