Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Halloween

Some Halloween traditions:Spider Meatloaf (thanks for the idea CookieMama)

Spooky Zucchini (there are some who always find it spooky...I know. My kids are 2 of them.)

Dad dressed as a pirate.

Me making donuts for the neighborhood kids (oops, no pic).

Gotta have a witch...

...and a cheerleader, too.

And of-course LOADS of candy!

We had a great time hanging out at our neighbor's house. I love it when Halloween is on a Friday. The kids played and ate candy and played some more. By the time the evening was over, several families from the neighborhood had come over and stayed to chat. Good times were had by all.


Pineapple Princess said...

Okay. Are you on crack? I just realized that you did like, 4 posts in one day. I didn't scroll down 'cause you usually just do one about quarterly. . .and uh, I missed pictures of the Halloween that I don't think we even talked about and the wacky hair and the marshmellow sandwich and you don't bring me flowers anymore. . .jk

Whew. BIG check mark on the blogging.

Keep it up and I might have to come and check your medicine cabinet. And then we could have Grandma Gooch sandwiches.

AZ Karen said...

Come on know I'd love it.

Cookie Mama said...

I need to ask, with all you have going on in your life, callings, to do lists, family etc., how does your spider meatloaf always come out so dang cute and mine always looks like a squished bug!?

Next year I'm coming to watch how you do it.

The girls looked cute, you rock!