Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'FUN'd Raisers

Yesterday afternoon, a 'discussion' of sorts began between my daughter Hannah and I. She was presenting me with a well thought-out argument in favor of us participating in this year's cookie dough fund raiser for the school. I patiently explained (for the umpteen jillionth time) that we don't normally participate in fund raisers like these because I don't feel safe sending her door to door to solicit for her school.
She was crushed.
There were tears.
And then, in one last, empassioned and tearful plea, she shouted, "Mom! They're supposed to be FUN! That why they call them FUNd Raisers!"
"Yes, Hannah...this IS fun."


lindser-lou said...

oh too funny! she sounds like a debate team member in the making.

and hopefully jared and i will see you at the matsuri festival this saturday! we didnt get to go last year, and seeing as how it is FREE we are definitely gonna go and walk around!

Micheline said...

I hate fundraiser. They raise the kids expectations on "winning" the big prizes by selling so much. Who really sells all the stuff anyway? Then - the Jr. high music program just did our entire neighborhood and ward with cookie dough. So - who do our little kids go to now anyway? Especially for those of us without family around?
I know - my pet peeve rant. Fundraisers - ugghhh!

sue said...

I'm with you. I can't stand the stupid fundraisers. We usually don't participate either, but this year Ivy has had her dad wrapped around her little finger (where he usually stays) and he has agreed to walk the streets with her. GRRR.

(She also thinks they are called FUNraisers, probably some evil pto propaganda)

Cookie Mama said...

You'll have to start calling them the no FUNd Raisers. However if sweet Hannah shows up at my door selling cookie dough I wouldn't be able to resist buying a bucket or two.

Good luck!

Pineapple Princess said...

i am so bad. i bribe my kids with the dollar store NOT to do the fundraisers. I am just too disFUNctional.

Amy B. said...

I used to get hit up for those by everyone at work who brought in their kid's FUNdraiser. I would usually at least look at whatever the catalog thingy was before I politely gave it back to them.