Monday, September 24, 2007

With urban sprawl alive and well in the greater Phoenix area, we are finding our close-ish location to the airport to be appealing to those of our friends who live a little further-ish from it.
We have recently become the 'parking lot of choice' for friends traveling who need a quick lift to the airport and need a place to stash their cars.
We offer un-covered parking at a fraction of the cost you'll find at the airport, and we're not nearly as scary as the creepy shuttle drivers you'll find there.

Happy Trails!


shauna said...

I love the creepy shuttle driver!!!

Thanks again for taking such good care of our vehicle. We especially loved the exterior wash and polish, undercarriage wash, tire polishing, inside detailing, awesome airfreshner and the mints on the seats. You went way above and beyond!

lindser-lou said...

that shuttle driver picture makes me hate life.

and i'm glad you got a kick out of my "elbow licking" story...
it was SO not that funny when it happened....

lindser-lou said...

that's the link...i dunno why i couldnt get to it from your page either...weird.

and what the heck is a SAHM?
(Scrapbooking Addicted Hot Mormom-Mama)????
...please tell me i am right!
I want to be one too!!!